About company

Nowadays JSC “Klimovichi Plant of Alcoholic Beverages is a diversified enterprise producing:

  • rectified alcohol
  • crude alcohol
  • vodkas, special vodkas and alcoholic beverages (balsams, sweet and bitter,  liquors, liqueurs)
  • fruit wines
  • fruit fermented fortified and concentrated juices
  • cognacs

The enterprise includes following plants:

  • Kostyukovichi distillery
  • Krasnobuda winery

 The assortment of production is rather various:

  • Vodkas and special vodkas
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Fruit wines
  • Cognacs

Management quality system ISO 9001 and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or HACCP, system of prevention of hazardous effects to consumers by identifying potential food safety hazards in all food industries were introduced to improve product quality andcompetitiveness and to diversify the assortment.

JSC “Klimovichi Plant of Alcoholic Beverages is the enterprise which guarantees high quality of made production.